Our environment encourages development so much that it is impossible to resist it. We know how to accelerate growth and turn small projects with incredible ideas into successful businesses. Therefore, everyone who wants to realize their professional potential as efficiently as possible will definitely find a role in our team.
We always need specialists to join the team and the
IT projects we manage.
We are also open to business co-founders and young entrepreneurs with startup ideas.
  • marketing
  • management
  • PR
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working conditions
We invest a resources in the comfort and growth of the team.
Hybrid work format: you can work remotely or in the office space in the center of Kyiv after the victory.
Flexible schedule: you can start from 09:00 to 11:00 and finish from 18:00 to 20:00.
Sports compensation: you choose the club and type of training, and we cover the cost of subscriptions within the annual budget for sports and activities.
Corporate English classes: we cooperate with a foreign language school, where the best teacher will be selected for you, and we partially compensate the cost of classes. It is important for us that our colleagues are fluent in English.
Registration of cooperation through individual entrepreneur: control and payment of taxes on our side.
Motivation to become better: we make individual development plans and compensate for training in accordance with the goals set.
Friendly atmosphere and feedback culture: we value the contribution of each employee to the company, so we review financial compensation not according to HR procedures, but according to the results.
Additional days off and financial motivation in honor of important events in life.
Workshops, teambuildings and parties: we rest as hard as we work.
Stages of hiring
What happens when we receive a relevant CV?
  • 1
    clarification letter
  • 2
    one-to-one interview with HR
  • 3
    meeting with a Hiring Manager
  • 4
    test task or case analysis
  • 5
    collection of recommendations
  • 6
    Job offer