Serial entrepreneur and main partner of the investment fund Adventures Lab, Ruslan Tymofieiev, has launched a new project called CLUST to support founders of IT products. Let’s delve into what we know about the project, the services it provides to founders and its goals.

CLUST is an ecosystem where Ukrainian IT products are born and developed. The company operates as a venture builder, not only investing money into existing startups but also searching for and validating ideas, assembling a team of professionals for implementation, providing resources and tools – essentially doing everything to help founders turn ideas into profitable businesses quickly, rather than spending years testing hypotheses.

Ruslan Tymofieiev, Founder & CEO of CLUST

[:en]“I pondered for a long time on what business model could help founders create successful IT products in the long term. Drawing from my investment experience with my fund, I know that money alone is insufficient. Expertise, service, tracking, and a team of professionals are needed. From this observation and conversations with the best IT entrepreneurs, the idea of creating CLUST in the format of a venture builder emerged.”

A venture builder differs from an investment fund in that it provides money, seeks ideas, offers resources, and shares responsibility with the founder. At CLUST, an entrepreneur can come up with their idea, and we, together with the team, provide specialized expertise, tools, and services to accelerate the pace of project implementation and growth,” comments Ruslan Tymofieiev, Founder & CEO of CLUST.

CLUST aims to realize great ideas, turn them into profitable businesses, and help young entrepreneurs avoid stereotypical mistakes. The company’s goal is to reach a 10 billion-dollar capitalization in 10 years and become a unicorn venture builder unique to Ukraine.


[:en]“There are already professionals in the digital fields (IT, marketing, finance, production) in the market. However, low entrepreneurial competence and lack of expertise hinder them from coalescing around cool ideas. At CLUST, we find such people, provide them with all the resources, and ensure management and tracking from experts in the respective niches. We help startups enter the market and adapt in the world of big business,” notes Olesia Zorina, Head of Communication at CLUST.

The niches where CLUST seeks ideas for IT products include:

  • Health & Beauty
  • Digital Health & MedTech
  • Education
  • Logistics & Technology
  • Crypto
  • iGaming
  • Media Buying & Traffic & Internet Marketing
  • D2C

CLUST is always looking for specialists for its internal staff and the IT projects it manages. The company emphasizes that it is open to co-founders of businesses and young entrepreneurs with startup ideas.

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